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An innovative concept in decorative designer wall coverings called

" Brightlight Coating & Paints" blends textures and colors to produce an intriguing replacement for wallpaper, tiles, and other texture coatings. Through this innovative effort, the d├ęcor was transformed from plain painted walls to multicolored Designer Walls. Wallpaper is less expensive, more fun, and more durable than any other substitute.The ideal answer to decorating problems for the inside and outside is provided by Brightlight Coating & Paints.
We think that providing value to our clients may be achieved by constant adherence to standards and ongoing product development and improvement.

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Our Products

Natural Stone Finish
parlena textured
Natural Roller Coat
High Glossy Concrete Textured
Natural Dholpuri Textured
Natural Grace Stone Finish
Natural Parlina textured
RD concrete textured
Parlina brick

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